Doors Open Toronto
Doors Open Toronto is an annual event when approximately 150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural, and social significance to the city of Toronto open their doors to the public for this free city-wide celebration.
Doors Open Toronto was developed as a millennium project in 2000, by the City of Toronto and has since attracted over 1.7 million residents and tourists. It gives people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn about Toronto's history, get involved and celebrate Toronto's built heritage.
This year, there are 95 building and attractions open for the public. Including historical and cultural buildings, City Hall, museums, fire stations, water treatment plants and churches and so on.
The first stop that ICEAP Toronto campus students visit is the Old and New City Hall. Not only they visited the mayor's office and the viewing platform, but also the landmark display design and architectural photography exhibition in the city hall.
There are also many memorable places that students visited on that day.