Passchendaele Golfing

Golfing is one of the more popular and well-liked sports all across North America. Here in Cape Breton we're known as the birthplace of golf to Nova Scotia, where it's history dates back to when the Highland Scots of Scotland settled here and brought with them the traditional sport of golf. Over time, Cape Breton has evolved into a premier golfing destination and is home to the top ranked golf courses in the country.
On a sunny afternoon, 2016 ICEAP Student Services along with members of the teaching staff took students on a golfing trip to Passchendaele Golf Course & Driving Range. This 9-hole course is only a short drive from Morrison Campus and was the perfect place for students to learn the basics of the sport. ICEAP provided transportation, equipment, and covered all the green fees for the students participating.
One of ICEAP's instructors, Gordon Power, who is an experienced golfer, was able to help students with their form and provided helpful tips. Moreover, a staff member from the golf course was there to assist students for the afternoon. The trip was a huge success and students took advantage of their time on the course, playing for the full two hours. ICEAP looks forward to many golfing trips in the future!