Happy World Cup Night
Crazy football fans night of world cup only hits in every four years, as the super excitement moment is coming closer, there is no doubt that football fans are getting so excited that they can't wait to watch the intense games.
In this time, for those of us who are studying outside mother countries, we won't be worrying about the time differences and black eyes in the next morning, the international center for EAP had redecorated the Morrison campus in the sake of celebrate the Brazil World Cup opening ceremony. From the wall to the ceiling, we could see football decoration, national flats of different countries and all kinds of funny posters, excitement and happiness have fulfilled the whole campus even if you are not a truly football fan, you can still feel the sense of agitation.
Watch the football game alone? Ah that will be way too boring and lonely, how about enjoy the game with bunch of friends and scream for the same team together? On the day of World Cup opening ceremony, right after the end of afternoon classes, TVs were all turned on in the channel of world cup in the student activity room in Morrison campus with chips and pops ready to serve for all the students. Within minutes, the whole room was occupied by all the "crazy football fans" and some of the students were still struggling to get to their ideal spot for watching TV.
The World Cup football match is going to last for a month, hoping all the ICEAP students could enjoy the game while pay attention to the English dubbing in the TV, in all ways, learning while having fun is such a mutual beneficial thing!
Leng, Tianqi