The First World Student Day
The multicultural society in Canada is built by a large number of immigrants. Additionally, it has the most inclusive academic environment in the world which has attracted millions of international students to this area. On August 8th, 2014, hosted by the Language Canada, with the assistance of more than 200 education institutions throughout Canada, the first celebration which was organized specifically for international students – World Student Day - began. Including but not limited to Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver, thousands of students got together to participate in this ceremony. Also in Cape Breton, a lively celebration was held in the historical fortress at Louisburg.
As the exclusive local language training institution, International center of EAP program has been invited to participate all the activities in the fortress. More than that, in order to show the culture diversity which ICEAP is bringing to Cape Breton Island, ICEAP provided many performances at the fortress.
In the meantime, the school arranged for a professional guide who lead the students for an hour before the start of the event. The guide helped them to know and understand the historical fortress which was built in the 17th century and named by Louis XIV.
Walking within the stone walls and sensing the historical atmosphere, ICEAP believes that learning English should be spontaneous, which includes further understanding the culture of Cape Breton community. By providing a variety of opportunities for English learning, ICEAP is trying to provide the best learning environment for everyone who is coming here in order to brighten their futures.
Students won the prizes
Alex-Gong xinyu
George-Shen Jiaqi