Ben Eoin ski
Canada is often described as a paradise for winter sports, not only for the abundance of snow, but also for its state of the art winter resorts and facilities. Picture this, on a bright sunny day, you are on the top of a mountain covered with white snow, surrounded by a breathtaking scenery, how sweet it is!
With that in mind, on January 21st, the student services department of ICEAP organized an activity for the new students. A day trip to the Ben Eoin ski field near Sydney, so the "new arrivals" could experience the excitement of skiing.
Although everyone's was wrapped up in thick ski suits, when the coach appeared, they all got excited and couldn't wait to give it a try.
After learning some basic skills and safety tips, the groups were taken to the beginner's track and started their first skiing experience.
But as they say, "happy moments fly quickly". We travelled, We laughed, We had lots of fun!
This winter, Lets go Skiing!
Coaching the basic skills
Chinese Students