New Students Service of June, 2013
With less than two weeks before 2013 ICEAP's June semester begins, new students are starting to arrive in Sydney, Nova Scotia. ICEAP Student Services Department has been hard at work helping students get settled in their new city and starting their new lives in Cape Breton. Students were busy having tours of Cape Breton University, Downtown Sydney and Westmount harbour, as well as obtaining all the necessities for life in Cape Breton.
On the frist week of the semester, students were tested and placed into the level best suited to their needs and interests. Students also were required to attend a "Sample-day" of ICEAP classes. This in-class assessment allows for reassessment of students for proper level placement; taking into consideration the "personal" side of testing (ie, jet-lag, culture shock, test anxiety, etc). Directly following this sample day of class there was a meet-and-greet with the students and staff in the cafeteria of Morrison Campus. Students enjoyed a delicious lunch and an interesting game.
Liu Xiaopeng opening bank account
Cao Yuyang and Fan Junyang
opening cellphone account
Wang Mei, Svetlana, and Anastasiya
in Walmart Shopping Centre
Zhai Yufeng, Wu Kenan,
and Wang Yongsheng in
Walmart Shopping Centre
Anastasiya opening bank account
Jung Sungwon doing Placement Exam
Alina , Svetlana, and Anastasiya
doing Placement Exam
"Sample-day" of ICEAP classes
Studnets enjoyed
the delicious Subway
Wang Bofei, Ahmad,
and Instructor Chery
Zhu Han, Hou Kun
and Instructor Jennifer
Studnets and Instructors doing game