Fortress Of Louisbourg
The Fortress of Louisbourg is a National Historic Site of Canada and the largest reconstruction project in North America. The original settlement was founded in 1713 by the French and developed over several decades into a thriving center for fishing and trade. Fortified against the threat of British invasion during the turbulent time of empire-building, Louisbourg was besieged twice before finally being destroyed in the 1760s. The site lay untouched until well into modern times, when archaeologists began to reconstruct the fortress as it was in the 18th century.
On Saturday September 7th, ICEAP Student Services Department took over 150 students on a field trip to The Fortress of Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island. Students were over joyed with the sights and demonstrations of music, dancing, cooking, and military drills. Many students took home a taste of the past with bread from the King's Bakery. Students also enjoyed the spectacular view of the Louisbourg Lighthouse, downtown of Louisbourg, and The Atlantic ocean.The trip was a great success and created many memeories to last a lifetime.
Ruofei Cheng, Xingyu Guo, Sofia
and Khristina
Haoyu Zhang and Da Xu
Jiachen Wang and Hao Zeng
Khristina, Mariia and Mykyta
enjoyed the tour
Wuyi Gong, Di Lang and Wenyan Xu
Yimeng Li and Fangli Zhou
Xuan Yuan and Yuge Wang
enjoyed the tour