New Students Orientation
From the week of September 2nd to September 8th, 2013 ICEAP organized a new students' orientation week. We offered new students the opportunity to participate in all kinds of activities to help them adjust to their new Canada life. The activities included a scavenger hunt, a bungee run, karaoke, a photo booth, a boat trip, a Louisburg trip, free pizza, and a BBQ event; all of which our students and staff enjoyed together! So not only did the students have the opportunity to mingle with our returning students and staff, but they also had the chance to socialize with the local homestay families at the welcome BBQ.
For most of our students' Welcome Week was their first time coming to the school. We want our students to understand how important it is to study hard in order to gain academic success in the Canadian culture, and to benefit the most from their experience here. In the traditional Chinese spoon-feed way of learning English, students are forced to study in order to be acknowledged; however, ICEAP is not only here to teach students on the academic front, we're also here to help them build experiences and establish values that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
have fun in the photo booth
question Jennifer Bussey
at a part of the scavenger hunt
sings an English song
do research for the scavenger hunt
enjoying the bungee run
enjoying free lunch