Lifestyles Club - Pizza Making
The International Centre for EAP Department of Academics initiated social clubs in this semester to include the areas of music, activities, and lifestyles clubs. The aim of these clubs is to take the students out of the classroom environment. Students enhance their Canadian experience academically and socially during and after graduation.
The Lifestyles Club for Week 1 were creating delicious pizza. The students were taught basic vocabulary for the ingredients and instructions on preparation. The instructors explained what they would be doing, and what kinds of materials they would use. The recipe was introduced and given to the students to follow. They learned the process of how to make real pizzas. The activity started with some basic knowledge of nutrition and cooking. The entire activity was communicated in English strengthening the student's comprehension and sequencing skills as taught in a regular classroom environment. This was a unique educational opportunity presenting both academic skills and life skills in a practical activity involving critical thinking and a whole lot of fun. The club impacted the whole school as the aroma was incredible.