Canadian snowshoeing originated as winter transportation for First Nation Canadians evolving into an enjoyable winter recreational activity. Snowshoeing in Canada is enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts both young and old, taking place on winter hiking trails throughout the Canadian wilderness and parks.
On Saturday, February 15th, ICEAP Student Services Department held a successful Snowshoeing activity at Ski Ben Eoin, Cape Breton Island. The activity involved over 30 international students and staff. This being the first time these students snowshoed in Canada, everyone enjoyed the Snowshoeing and great outdoors immensely, making new friends along the way. The Snowshoeing was a tremendous exercise for students, creating memories to last a lifetime.
Group Picture
Qian Li, Siqi Qu and Mei Wang
Group Picture
Xuefeng Zheng and Wuyi Gong
Ksenia and Anastasiya
Zhipeng Cheng and Chen Chen