Dr. Martha Gabriel, the professor of University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) visited ICEAP
During the days of April 24th and 25th, Dr. Martha Gabriel, professor from the Faculty of Education in UPEI, visited ICEAP. The staffs of ICEAP expressed a warm welcome to her upon arrival. In this short two day visit, Dr. Gabriel observed the infrastructure of the school and had a further understanding of the school with various departments. The two parties exchanged their views and suggestions for the Education Pathway program. For the long-term cooperation in future, both sides expressed full confidence and sincerity. Moreover, Dr. Gabriel also had lunch with a few students who will be attending the Education Pathway program. Additionally, she answered questions about the school environment and the course arrangement from the students. She hopes that students succeed the Education Pathway program academically and socially in the next four mouths. Both UPEI and ICEAP will help students to make a cohesive link between language courses and professional courses.
The following statements convey the impressions from two students who has participated the meeting with Dr. Gabriel.
"Dr. Gabriel is a very kind professor who left me a deep impression. The cordial conversation with her gave me full awareness about further study. The knowledge of course arrangement also benefited me for job orientation. I became confident due to her kind words. I hope I can have a bright future in my school life at UPEI."
(Student: Wenxin Zhang)
"Last Friday I was in the lunch meeting with Dr. Martha Gabriel from the UPEI. She answered lots of questions about the course, especially the job related questions. She gave us many meaningful suggestions for our studies. Also we got a chance to see the Pathway program teacher Kelly Kirk, who is a very passionate teacher. We had a good time. I am really looking forward to the next meeting, I hope it will be at UPEI. "
(Student: Fan Li)
Great joy of Anastasiia Havshykova was rewarded