Fang, Chenxin

Current HBA student in Ivey Business School @Western University, graduated from ICEAP K-Bridging program

I truly thank to ICEAP offering me an opportunity to get prepared before entering King’s @Western U. It was an unforgettable experience, which helped me to acquire professional academic skills in writing essays, reading textbooks and accessing research materials, and also I met a lot new friends who have some goals with me. Besides study, I’ve learnt from King’s Bridging class teacher about Canadian culture, communication skills with domestic people, and local topics among university students, so that I could meet friends more easier from year 1 in King’s. Start your journey from ICEAP will be a better choice for you as well! I’ll see you all soon in London, Ontario!

Wang, Jia

Current Master student in University of Cambridge, UK. Honored bachelor degree with GPA 4.0 (full score) when graduated from Western University. Graduated from ICEAP K-Bridging program

I’m honored to become one of the 1st K-Bridging class students and I am glad that I choose King’s @Western University as my first step of research career. Getting the offer from U of Cambridge is not only by luck, but also with high GPA and various activities. K-Bridging program helped me to get my own study method and make me understand how to cooperate with others. Also, I still keep contact with some friends met in K-Bridging program, we are in different countries with different jobs, we introduce opportunities to each other for work and personal purpose, that definitely make us become more and more competitive in up-to-date market.

Tham, Mai Thu

Current MBA student in UCW, Vancouver. Graduated from ICEAP.

I dream to have my own Vehicle Registration Center back home, after doing some researches, I found ICEAP has Pre-Master program for MBA in University Canada West which could be the ideal choice to complete my dream. Our teacher in Pre-Master program is very patient and nice, I got solid foundation training in many English skills before getting into the master program. Now, I am studying in the beautiful Vancouver downtown for my Master degree, and I won’t forget the valuable experience in Toronto with ICEAP friends and teachers!

Adelina Korchak

Graduated from Fanshawe College. Graduated from ICEAP.

I decided to skip to take IELTS test and went to ICEAP for English preparation study and I had a fantastic experience here. I was very lucky to have the best tutors, everyone is funny, and they treated us as friends. Every day, when we come to the class, the teacher asks how we are doing, what’s new, and what plans we have for that weekends, etc. We learn knowledges from playing games as well. Once a week, we have a movie with free pizza and drinks in ICEAP! Besides study in classrooms, we have field placement tour to Niagara Falls, Casa Loma castle, played bowling, had picnics in parks… If you may not have confidence on your English, just go to ICEAP directly, they will help you to master your skills, adopt to the new culture and simply feel like home.

Nguyen Minh Hien

Current student in Centennial College. Graduated from ICEAP.

I had a great time at ICEAP and with all my teachers as well as my classmates. In my experience, all the teachers were so informative and supportive to help me improve my English skills and knowledge. Not only that I got the opportunity to learn, but I also made some great friends and memories with everyone. Once again, thank you for supporting me through my education journey!