Male Residence

Male Residence

@King’s Campus

ICEAP King’s campus has male residence option for student to apply. The upper two floors of STA Hall are set as residence rooms, a laundry room, and public washrooms. Around 40 capacity for male students who can make reservation with a valid student visa and a full payment in advance. Meal plan is available.


There are 3 types of room for students to book. 

Male residence standard room

Standard room

Male residence bigger room

Bigger room

Washroom in male residence superior room

Superior room


Housekeeping, campus security, meal plan, and other services on campus.

Male residence laundry room


Campus security patrol

Campus security

cafeteria @STA Hall

Meal plan


Year 2023-2024

Student may renew by 16 weeks, or till the end of study at ICEAP King’s campus, which one is shorter.



Once an ICEAP student has successfully applied for residence, Residence Registration Fee, 16 weeks’ Residence Rent Fee, Meal Plan and Facility Fee are non-refundable. Unused prepaid Residence Deposit may refundable when student is qualified.


I. All requests for Accommodation Security Deposits must be made in writing to the Student Services Department by the student using the Accommodation Termination Notice form.

II. International Centre for EAP will refund the balance of any money held on deposit as Accommodation Security once that student graduates from International Centre for EAP and provides proof that their account with their accommodation provider is in good standing.

III. International Centre for EAP students who wish to leave Accommodation and receive a refund prior to graduation from International Centre for EAP must present proof that their account with their accommodation provider is in good standing.

IV. Requests will take 5 business days to process. ** Refund requests are not processed during Intake Weeks. For an Intake Week schedule, please visit Schedule at:

K-Bridging students @STA Hall